Why advertise with us?

Designed for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Our website was designed specifically for job seekers with disabilities, as they often require workplace accommodations such as wheelchair access and modified workstation.

Hiring managers are able to specify the types of accommodation they can provide, so job seekers can search and apply for jobs accordingly.

A visually impaired person using a braille keyboard.

Optimized for Visual Impairment

Our website is optimized for job seekers with visual impairment who may reply on screen readers. The application process has also been streamlined so visually impaired users don’t need to register to apply. 

Furthermore, we have tested other websites that claim to specialize in the recruitment of people with disabilities, but none of them is as accessible as ours.

If you truly care about the accessibility of your job postings or want them to comply with the government’s accessibility standards, consider advertising your jobs on our site..

Convenience & Efficiency

You can post a job, pay for it securely, and have it online in a matter of minutes. Removing a job posting temporarily or permanently is as easy as a click of a button.

If you have a lot of job postings, we can also integrate with your system to automate job import to save you time. If you ever require any assistance, we are available by email and phone as well.

Payments can be made securely online.
A group of volunteers doing charitable work.

Supporting Charities & Local Business

Part of the proceeds from this website will be donated to related charities, as we believe in helping people in needs and giving back to society.

You will also be supporting a local business rather than some mega corporation when advertising job opportunities with us.

Compared with Other Sites

We’ve analyzed other websites that claim to be optimized for the visually impaired. While all of them have some sort of accessibility plugin installed, that alone does not make a website truly accessible.

As the web accessibility evaluation tool Wave shows, our site is the most accessible of all.

Our job board has zero errors and zero contrast issues.
Our site has zero errors.
This job board has 6 contrast issues, therefore not accessible for the visually impaired.
This one isn't accessible to the visually impaired.
This job site has 12 accessibility errors.
This job board isn't accessible.
This job board was never designed with accessibility in mind.
This one was never designed with accessibility in mind.
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