About​ Accessibility Worx

People or persons with disabilities are often underrepresented and underemployed. We want to help by making employment information available and accessible to them. 

This is why we started Accessibility Works, a job board dedicated to helping job seekers with disabilities find job placements that provide compatible workplace accommodations.

This website is designed, developed, and operated by Project Pi Consulting Inc., based in Regina, SK, and West Kelowna, BC.

For Job Seekers with Disabilities

You do not need an account to apply for jobs listed on our website. Use the application form at the bottom of each job posting. We opted not to implement job seeker accounts or a resume database because we want to make the process easier for people that navigate websites with a screen reader or a keyboard.

We designed this website with accessibility in mind. However, we are not perfect. If you have any suggestions or feedback on improving this website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

For Employers That Provide Workplace Accommodations

There is a fee for posting job ads on our website. This is so that we can re-invest into this website, including making it more accessible for the visually impaired that rely on screen readers. We will also donate a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations to enhance the lives of people with disabilities further.

There are many kinds of disabilities, and they require different workplace accommodations. Therefore, when you post jobs, we ask that you please take your time to list all the workplace accommodations you can provide. This will greatly help our job seekers find opportunities compatible with their situations and needs.

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