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Position Overview

Hiring Company

Accessibility Accommodation

Job Description

I am a full-time working mother and I am seeking a Caregiver (Nanny) who can assist me with taking care of my

2 children – 3 year-old daughter and 5-year old son.


· Supervise and care for the children

· Plan and participate in activities with the children

· Tend to the emotional well-being of the children

· Prepare and serve nutritious meals

· Bathe, dress and feed the children

· Sterilize bottles and change diapers

· Take the children to and from appointments when necessary

· Prepare children for rest periods

· Maintain a safe and healthy environment in the home

· Assume full responsibility of household in absence of parents

· Perform light housekeeping and cleaning duties

· Discipline children according to the methods requested by us, the parents

Skills Required:

· Completion of High School

· 1 year of work experience as a Caregiver for children

· Judgement, Team Player, Flexible, Reliable

Wage: $16.00 per hour

Number of Hours: 30 hours per week plus overtime when necessary, two days off per week (Saturday &


To apply Contact:

Job posting end date: 2021-08-31

Job posting start date: 2021-06-01

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