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The Chief Executive Officer at Sincom Trading Commodity Ltd. will be responsible for working collaboratively with the Sales & Marketing, Warehouse, and Administrative Departments to create effective promotional, operating, and financial strategies for the company. The position will require the ability and knowledge to manage the main office and subsidiary. He/She will be mindful of the impact on material, human and financial resources during the implementation of these strategies. He/She will also strive to create a nurturing and positive work environment at Sincom Trading Commodity Ltd.

WAGE: $63/hr
BENEFITS: Dental Insurance
LOCATION: Oakville, ON

The duties of the Chief Executive Officer at Sincom Trading Commodity Ltd. will include but are not limited to:
• Formulating or approving internal policies and programs to maximize the company’s efficiency, productivity, and performance, which includes but are not limited to:
1. Documenting Beef & Grains Wholesaling Service Initiatives & Protocols
2. Regional Specialty Products Wholesaling Service Initiatives & Protocols
3. Creation of standard operating procedures as per company mission statement
4. Guidelines and standards for employee performance and personnel evaluation
5. Company safety regulations in accordance with governmental regulations
• Providing guidance and delegating responsibilities to the middle management team to ensure compliance with the company’s policies, programs, values, and mission statement
• Leading the entire company and working collaboratively with the middle management team to develop business strategies as well as setting up priorities and goals for the company
• Authorizing and organizing the establishment of major departments and associated managerial positions
• Adjusting personnel expenses and hiring processes according to business need.; approving hire and fire requests within the business.
• Identifying and addressing financial risks and opportunities for the company
• Supervising the middle manager on tracking company finances, production of financial reports, as well as frequent business accounts evaluation
• Reviewing financial reports and looking for patterns to develop strategies to mitigate risks and ensure the overall financial success of the business
• Representing the company in negotiations, networking events, public relations activities as well as other official functions that could promote the growth and reputation of the business.
• Regulating monthly meetings with the middle management.
• Maintain and enforce a documented system of financial policies and procedures
• Identifying and addressing financial risks and opportunities for the company
• Supervising the accounting and financial operations of the company including but not limited to the development and production of:
o Periodic financial reports
o Financial analysis and strategy
o Sets of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risks
o Sets of controls to enhance accuracy of the financial reports
o Sets of controls to comply with accounting and financial reporting standards
• Overseeing the company’s fiscal activity, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing


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