Chief Financial Officer (NOC 0013)

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Job Description

  • Company operating name: Curetech e-Health Inc.
  • Company business address: 200-4170 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6
  • Title of the position: Chief Financial Officer (NOC 0013)
  • Job duties:
  • Approve and establish teams and departments and oversee their staffing.
  • Determine key business objectives and devise and approve policies and programs for the business.
  • Establish and implement administrative and financial controls; assign financial and staffing resources to carry out initiatives and policies for the business.
  • Authorize resources for marketing and public relations campaigns.
  • Act as a representative of the company in official business matters.
  • Hire managerial resources and manage teams and departments.
  • Terms of employment: Permanent and Full-Time.
  • The language of work: English
  • Wage: CA $63.19 per hour for 30 hours per week
  • Benefits package being offered: None
  • Location or locations of work: Burnaby, BC
  • Contact information to apply for the job:
  • Skills requirements:
  • Extensive leadership, analysis, problem solving, organizational, communication, technological, and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience leading management teams and engaging with staff at all levels.
  • Financial management experience.
  • People management skills.
  • Proven strategic ability to have clear insight into market opportunities and ability to prioritize business investment and commercial deployment.
  • Have good connections with CXO’s and key decision makers at companies in various sectors and industries in Canada.
  • Have held Director level positions and above.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Strong business development experience.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.
  • Required education: A university degree in business administration, accounting, commerce, computer science or another discipline related to the service provided is preferred but not required.
  • Required work experience: 3+ years of experience in accounting, auditing, budgeting, financial planning and analysis or other financial activities.

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